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Garden Club – August 2020

 It is now August of 2020 and we have not had a GC meeting since March 11 due to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic and the shutdown. The GC Board is holding monthly meetings via Zoom.  Because we have had to cancel monthly meetings and had no special events, the Board decided that all current GC members will be continued as members for the year 2021 at no additional charge.  Speakers are being tentatively scheduled for future months with the understanding that the meeting may need to be canceled.  The golf course has now opened up for team play and some outside sports are proceeding on a limited basis so some progress is being made.

Tom Merriman of Butterfly Farms was scheduled to speak at the July meeting.  Butterfly Farms was incorporated in 2013 by Pat Flanagan and Tom Merriman because of concern with the decline of native butterflies and other native pollinators. Butterfly Farms is dedicated to education, conservation and research of our important pollinators. They study the host and nectar plant relationships of pollinators using the Monarch Butterfly as their model. He will be rescheduled for a future GC meeting. 

Walking around OHCC is a favorite activity for many OHCC residents especially at this time.  Many people like to walk the LVW circle.  If you venture into the Village streets, you will notice the variety of the front yards.  I have noticed Garden Art is almost as popular as the trees and flowers.  A couple of my neighbors allowed me to take photos of their yards and share them in this newsletter.  Sal and Fran Martinez have a Spanish theme. Because of their careers in the Military and Foreign Service, they lived in South American countries.  After moving to OHCC, they made many trips to Mexico and brought home colorful pots and ornaments.  Betty Huston moved to OHCC from Vista and brought many of her favorite pieces with her.  Her yard is more rustic with statues of unique birds and animals.  Corfu is continuing with its front yard renovations and I have included some photos of newly landscaped homes.

Upcoming Events

When our community reopens, the Garden Club will be ready to participate.  We are all looking forward to that day.  In the meantime, stay safe and take care of yourselves, your families and your gardens.  

Gardening's not just for girls

Garden Club 2019 Holiday Luncheon

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